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"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the doctor.


Therefore the doctor must start from nature, with an open mind."

-Swiss Physician & alchemist Paracelsus (16th century)


Greetings, I'm Dr. Dan

I was born in Ukraine and came to the United states when I was 4, born to a mother and father that were doctors in that beautiful country. In Ukraine, doctors were much more connected to folk traditions of healing, learned about herbs and home remedies in medical school, and didn’t have this idea of conventional vs. alternative medicine; to them and to me it’s all medicine, all potentially healing.

When I was in university studying philosophy I became fascinated by the eastern traditions of mindfulness, spirituality and began a search for meaning in my life. Out of this blossomed the idea that perhaps the way I could truly help people was by applying these philosophies I’ve learned, to the practice of healing. I saw how people suffered from the silent diseases: depression, anxiety, mental health issues and chronic disease, and that inspired me to look for a solution. a deeper and more natural solution, not reliant on temporary fixes like pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Bogdan Makartchuk | Naturopathic Physician

Licensed to practice natural medicine in Oregon

Clinical Focus: Anxiety/Depression, Hormone, Addiction & chronic pain disorders


Professional Herbalist &

Integrative Mental health doctor

How can I be of service in your mental health?

Do you feel tired, anxious, depressed and just feel like the therapies you have been provided simply don't address your very real concerns? Since I became interested in psychology nearly a decade ago it became obvious to me that mental healthcare as it is now is broken...


Through my studies of herbalism, mind-body medicine and Joseph Campbell's "Heros Journey" and Carl Jung's process of individuation it became obvious to me what the root issue in mental healthcare is- it simply doesn't address YOU and your very real and specific mental health issues that must be treated on an individual basis, and with natural therapies that truly heal the root causes of imbalance in the mind, body and spirit.

Who can Benefit from

my Therapies?

If you have anxiety in public places, or just a slow burning mental & emotional discomfort I may be able to help. If you feel overwhelmed with stress, feel exhausted or like the joy has fled from your life I may be the right provider for you. All those who feel that their thoughts, fears, and feelings are getting in the way of your happiness - I am here to listen to your story. Once we discover the root causes I will provide you with the natural treatments and the guidance you have long been seeking, and not finding relief. If you feel stressed out by the current situation, feel brain fog, are in pain far too often, I may be able to help. If you only have mild symptoms of mental disharmony, or just want to take your life fulfillment, relationships, mental peace or career to the next level I am here for you. If this possibility interests you, please schedule an initial consult and we can discuss what you can expect and how I can help you achieve your health goals, naturally.


Helping you, your child or a loved one with Their mental wellness

If your child or loved one could use some help with their mental struggles, chronic health issues or reaching their health potentials I am happy to discuss how I can be of help. In my views prescription of serious pharmaceuticals to those under 18 years of age is excessive and in many cases unnecessary.


It is my ideal that mental health is better addressed lifestyle, dietary, mentality, herbalism and other natural methods I employ FIRST, and when safe and effective pharmaceuticals are applied ALONG with holistic treatments or as a last resort is far more wise in these current times of side effects and dependency on psychiatric medications.


Whether you have occasional anxiety, just feel like your are "in a funk", or the state of your mind severely takes away from your peace and joy, I am here for you. I approach health first from the natural and holistic, however when safe & effective for your unique needs I am training in pharmaceutical prescription and have full prescribing rights in Oregon. In this lovely state of Oregon there is little difference in scope of practice between MD's and ND's (Naturopathic Doctors) in terms of what treatments we can provide, though our underlying philosophy and approach differs drastically in many cases.


Know too that I will also be providing telehealth visits for those in Oregon and Washington for your convenience or if you are not near the Portland area, however I primarily prefer in person visits and believe these are far superior in benefiting your mental health, especially during these times when many feel isolated and unable to express the things that are most important to them with loved ones or friends.

I am here to meet you where you are, and carve out the path that will bring you to mental health. I am here as a guide and friend in your healing journey, and hope to speak to you soon.

-Dr. Bogdan Makartchuk, ND

Licensed Naturopathic Physician in Oregon

What Mental Health Conditions

Do I Treat?

You may be wondering why no mention has been made of specific mental disorder diagnoses as my specialty of treatment, and that is for one simple reason... Although I see the value of diagnosis of mental disorders as helpful tool for treatment and understanding, the truth is that mental wellness is not understood and labels on your unique mind, spirit and body rarely address the root causes of your unique health concerns.


By treating you as an individual I work to provide you with natural tools to not just COPE with your diagnosis, but to transcend it and reach your highest potentials of mental & spiritual wellness. I do not shy away from the spiritual, or your beliefs, or your story - I know that at the deepest root these aspects of you are the very seeds of your healing journey.


You are more than an ICD code for insurance, you are a person and worthy of the kind of individual and holistic mental health therapies that will move you forward on your journey to complete wellness of mind, body and spirit.


Although my passion and focus is on your improving your mental wellness. My training allows me to also treat with issues like hormonal disorders, autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic conditions, pain disorders, and neurology and many of the chronic diseases that naturopaths are renowned for treating holistically. Holistic medicine gets beyond labels, starts with you as the unique person you are, and treats you in a way that is never "one size fits all".


My unique natural therapy approach

My therapeutic methods are as diverse and unique as the people I have the honor of calling patients are. For each person I have an individual approach, an herbal formula tailored and crafted specific for you, a nutrition plan  that can become a way of life and relieve you of the constant guilt around 'eating healthy", a mindfulness therapy regimen that you will not only love doing but also will bring you to peace and happiness of mind. For some I may create a movement therapy plan to support your health based on your passions, based on encouragement - not shame, and that will become a source of peace and happiness for you. If you have questions about what supplements, vitamins, activities are right for you, I am here to provide a deep understanding to you to support your health concerns. My aim is to help you heal yourself, with all of the information you could ever want, an understanding of the difficulty of changing habits and guiding you through this process, and to provide you with safe and effective therapies that come from nature and bring you back to the natural state of happiness we all desperately seek. 



I have been trained and am an eternal student of traditional and ancient methods of herbalism, including the energetic folk traditions of the past such as Ayurveda, natural cures from all over the world, scientific research on any known natural or cutting edge compound & therapy and a rich education in pharmacology and the use of medications in a way that helps you through your issues AND includes a plan that treats the root causes of mental illness, so that you can GET OFF those medications in a safe way, once they have served their purpose. With a deep interest in Jungian psychology I also employ tools of the mind such as dream interpretation, personality testing, psychedelic integration, mindfulness therapies most importantly miraculous healing art of TRULY LISTENING and understanding that mental wellness is a journey we both take together, and not a road of quick fixes.


I am confident that I can help you in your mental health journey, I urge you to take the leap of faith and schedule a free consult so we can discuss your issues and if I can be of help in your mental health. If there is a mutual understanding of goals, we can proceed and begin the most important journey of your life- the journey back to your greatest potentials, joy, love and fulfillment in your life!

In my wellness consult packages available on this website I DO NOT diagnose, prescribe or treat illness but rather guide and coach you to your health. However at my naturopathic mental wellness practice in room 202B on 3537 N Williams Ave in North Portland, OR - I approach health from as a Licensed Naturopathic Physician with all that entails.


** When you schedule please make it clear which type of visit you are considering: A wellness coaching consult (available online to people all throughout the world), or a naturopathic medical visit in person or via telehealth (for patients living within Oregon or Washington area). **

My Inspiration

Inspired by shamanic traditions, ancient Greek traditions and modern psychological schools of dream interpretation and meaningful therapy. You are more than an ICD code for insurance, you are a person and worthy of the kind of individual and holistic mental health therapies that will move you forward on your journey to complete wellness of mind, body and spirit.


Although my passion and focus is on your mental wellness. My training allows me to help you with issues like hormonal disorders, autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic conditions, pain disorders, and neurology and many of the chronic diseases that naturopaths are renowned for treating.

I am a large proponent of the cutting edge therapies that are coming to Oregon within the next 2 years such as psilocybin therapy and other psychedelic mental wellness treatments, however until this becomes fully accepted and outlined as a medical practice I ONLY offer psychedelic integration counseling. This form of counseling helps you approach your personal journey with these shamanic tools with as much knowledge as possible, and to help you apply the lessons you may learn into your everyday life. I do not condone or prescribe psychedelics as they are still federally illegal, however this topic is becoming an important place where interested people can go about exercising their personal freedoms with knowledge and wisdom.

This is my Vow:
“To perfect my medical art and never to swerve from it so long as God grants me my office, and to oppose all false medicines and teachings. Then to love the sick, each and all of them, more than if my own body were at stake. Not to judge superficially, but by symptoms, nor to administer any medicine without understanding, nor to collect any money without earning it. Not to guess, but to know.”
- Paracelsus (Physician & Alchemist)
1493 – 1541

"The physician treats, but nature heals. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."



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Botanical medicine, Dream interpretation, Jungian Personality types, Ayurveda, & Meditation Classes (2018-Current)

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Graduated from Natural University of Natural Medicine
Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine

Focus in mental health & herbalism

Portland | Oregon

Graduated from Stony Brook University

Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy
Focus in zen Buddhism, Indian  & ancient greek philosophy (2012-2016)
Stony Brook | New York


Portland Community college



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